Webinar Master

Webinar Master is an online course designed to improve your ability to design, construct, and deliver or host webinars. The alpha includes 25 video lessons, assignments in each of the five chapters, a free copy of the Webinar Master book, and two followup online sessions, hosted by me, to check your progress.

An overview of what's included in the course

  • Two hours of lessons

    The course is, for the most part, comprised of video lessons. Through 25 videos on engagement, design, structure and delivery, you'll learn how to develop your webinar from the earliest stages, to the final product.

  • Follow up sessions

    After you have completed the course, join me for two online session, limited to 30 of your fellow students, to review your progress.

  • Fully captioned

    The alpha has closed captions in English. In the final version, captioning will be available in other languages. Feel free to feedback with any languages you'd like to see.